About Us

Professional Photographers Society of New York State (PPSNYS) is comprised of 12 different local sections.

Our section is Capital Champlain, and our main purpose and goal is education. If you are interested in becoming a better photographer and connecting with others who have similar interests, we invite you to join us as we strive to educate our members and the public about photography.

At our local meetings, we invite instructors from all over New York State and beyond to visit and share their experience and knowledge in varied aspects of the field: studio management, editing software, portraiture, business skills, and more.  We also host critiques and competitions to help hone our skills in image-making. Of course, we always make time in our monthly meetings for fun and networking!

At least once during the year, the Capital Champlain PPSNYS section sponsors a daylong program, known as a TEP (Talent Exchange Program), which is open to the public. We invite nationally acclaimed photographers and instructors to speak. In the past, we have hosted Jack Reznicki, Marty Grivjack, and Joe Buissink, Fuzzy Duenkel, and Jim LaSala!

PPSNYS is committed to the education of its members and the public as a state group, as well.  Each local section holds monthly meetings and TEPs and welcomes other members from across the state to attend. The state group also sponsors a much looked forward to weeklong school, the PPSNYS Photo Workshop, featuring a variety of excellent instructors.

By participating in PPSNYS, you have the opportunity to grow immensely as a photographer. The Photo Workshop, a yearly photography conference with speakers and a fabulous trade show, free seminars, and discounts for members are only some of what is available when you join us at PPSNYS. Volunteers spend an immense amount of time and effort in organizing these programs so members have the best educational and enrichment opportunities available to them at a reasonable cost.

It’s all there to use, but only you can take advantage of what’s offered!

To find out more contact us at – contact@capitalchamplain.com

A Section of Professional Photographers of NYS