February Creative Exercise “Still Life”

This month our members submitted their images for the “Still Life” Creative Exercise. At the meeting, members voted for their favorite image. The winner remains a mystery while members discuss each photo, analyzing its merit and creativity. The maker of the image with the most votes then selects next month’s theme.

Congratulations goes to Ken Bovat for his image “Mushrooms”! Ken picked “Bubbles” for next months Creative Exercise theme. I hope you will join us next month and get creative with BUBBLES!

“Mushrooms” by Ken Bovat

Here are the other entries

“An Expression of Style” by Michele Pasquariello
“Berries” by Ken Bovat
“Past Tense” by Jim Mclaughlin
“Cherished Keepsake” by Michele Pasquariello
“Dead Flowers” by Jim Mclaughlin
“Love Potion #9” by Ruth Wedge

“Sit Beary Still” by Ruth Wedge