The Capital Champlain Professional Photographers of New York is comprised of working and aspiring photographers who continually strive to test the boundaries of creative photography.

We are a nonprofit organization based in Albany NY, and the surrounding Capital Region. As a dedicated group of professional and aspiring photographers and videographers, we strive to provide education and fellowship in our industry through hands-on workshops, field trips, creative photography challenges, and hosting professional speakers.

Our members participate in continuing education starting here at the local level via CCPP-NY events throughout the Capital District, state-level activities via PPSNYS, and national level via PPA. We are proud to host monthly meetings, networking get-togethers, and studio shares.

Your membership in CCPP-NY is a great step forward in your photographic career. Not just in becoming a better photographer, but a stronger business. Many of our members have used relationships forged here to cover other events, take on jobs that are not within their specialty, and overall deliver a better product and experience to their clients. With our community of photographers and willingness to help each other, use CCPP-NY to make new friends today, who will be very willing to help you tomorrow.

But we’re not all about business. Many of our members consider themselves artists first, and foremost. And that’s where members benefit from the inspiration and challenges that push them to create works of art within a supportive environment of fellow artists.

Capital Champlain Professional Photographers of New York is committed to providing education and fun while pushing the envelope of creative photography.

We invite you to join us as we strive to educate our members and the public about photography.

Benefits of Joining our Group

1) Monthly Local In-Person Meetings

  1. We invite instructors from all over the North East to share their experiences and knowledge. They speak on studio management, editing software, portraiture, business skills, etc. 
  2. A member favorite is our monthly themed creative exercise to provide inspiration and spark creativity! 
  3. We also host critiques and competitions to help hone our skills in image-making.
  4. Finally, we always make time in our monthly meetings for fun and networking!

2) Monthly Field Trips

We plan various monthly Field Trips encouraging members to get out and shoot together, providing hands-on learning. We coordinate our activities thru our website, Events-Calendar. In addition, our Social Presence is on FaceBook.

3) Attend sponsored continuing education program

At least once during the year,  Capital Champlain sponsors a daylong continuing education program,  which is open to the public. We invite nationally acclaimed photographers and instructors to speak. Some of the more recent programs we have hosted were with Hazel Meredith, Ella Carlson, Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis.  

4) PPA Affiliate with 80% member enrollment

We are a PPA affiliate providing merits for PPA members working on their degrees and certifications when applicable. Our members have won many awards at the state, national and international levels. Some of our members are officers of PPA. Their experience and training have benefited current members immensely.

6) Grow as a Photographer

When joining us, you have the opportunity to grow immensely as a photographer.   Volunteers spend time and effort organizing these programs so that members have the best educational and enrichment opportunities  available to them at a reasonable cost.

7)  Thirty Years as a Photography Group

We are a structured Camera Group in the Capital Region of Upstate New York with a Board of Directors, Officers, and Members. As we meet regularly, you will be able to discuss and vote on improving Member events from field trips to training.

8) Exclusive Member Discounts & Events

  1.  Discounts on Major Planned events.
  2.  Registration discount if you belong to PPA.
  3. We administer and award PPA merits.
  4. On occasion, we supply scholarships for affiliated workshops.

Creativity is Contagious!

If this sounds like what you have been looking for, join us.

To find out more, contact our Membership team at –