About Capital Champlain Professional Photographers of New York

We make it easy to Join or Renew your Capital Champlain (CC) Membership.

We offer these membership options.

  1. Plan 1: CC Membership: For individuals who are not PPA members.
  2. Plan 2:  CC Membership For individuals who are also PPA members.

Payment Methods

  1. Paypal/Credit: Please select Paypal and complete the membership form.
  2. Check/ Cash: Please select Manual/Offline and complete the membership form. Your registration will be pending until we receive your check payable to CCPPSNY.  Please send to treasure Rob Near.  (address on form)

2023 Dues for New or Renewal Members

(payable by Dec. 31st, 2023). The membership term is 1 year,  on January 1st.  Automatically recurring payments are not enabled.

    1. Plan 1: Non-PPA: CC Membership cost is $80/yr
    2. Plan 2: PPA Member: CC membership is $50/yr

  • Select this plan to JOIN OR RENEW your membership with Capital Champlain and you are NOT a PPA member. Payable by December 31st, 2022. Capital Champlain Registration is effective from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2023.
    If you are a PPA Member, select this option to JOIN or RENEW your membership with Capital Champlain. As a PPA affiliate, this saves you $30.00 on your CC membership. CC Membership is in effect from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, 2023.
    Lifetime Members are extended to individuals who meet elevated criteria. The Lifetime Member status is confirmed by a nomination/voting process by The Capital Champlain Board of Directors and administered by its treasure.

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  • Please Note:
    • By registering you are providing your consent to CC 2023 Waiver Liability Agreement.
    • You may download the 2023 Waiver Liability Agreement
    • You may also fill out the 2023 Waiver Liability Agreement and email it to Rob Near (contact info on the form)

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